Rwanda | Kirehe: Umurenge Sacco released 18 millions of loan to its members

Umurenge Sacco of nyarubuye ‘Nyarubuye Vision’ in Kirehe district has registered a remarkable progress with more than 3,700 members who have already secured loans totaling up to 18million Rwf over a period of 7 months.

According to the accountant of the Nyarubuye Sacco Claudine Nyirabazungu, 41 members in the Sacco have already secured loans based on various farming projects and other off-land profitable businesses.

Claudine also revealed that the Sacco has allocated loans to parents with poor financial means to send their children to schools. “The Sacco gave them small interest loans so they can pay back easily” She explained. Since the start of the Sacco in Nyarubuye Sector, residents do not spend their money extravagantly because they can now save, get loans and work on gainful projects.


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