Rwanda | Maraba: Residents complain of delay in payments


Cooperative Kira Maraba (COKIMA) offices

While it is advisable to get paid and keep money in banks and other financial institutions like SACCO, residents of Maraba in the Southern Province who are yet to be paid through COKIMA (cooperative Kira Maraba), complain of delays in payment after working on Shyembe coffee plantation.

Speaking to residents outside COKIMA offices, they showed no hope of going home with money because it has happened to them several times. One of them said “they tell us that money is available on Sacco but we come here and wait for the whole day until they close”

Residents add that normally COKIMA has poor service delivery and blame it on the workers who relax after getting jobs.

Mukandayisenga who had come for a fourth time to get money added “at first recruits are committed to their work but somewhere along the way, they relax as if they are sure of the jobs and start doing what they want instead of making work their priority”

Ndayisaba Adelphine, COKIMA Accountant acknowledges that residents’ money reached their hands and that some have got but this problem came as a result of these residents who came during the days that ended the year when COKIMA could work only in the morning.

She continued that “We could receive people in the morning and close after midday but the delays came because residents are many”.

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