Umwarimu SACCO goes to Nyamasheke district

Teachers in Rwanda have formed the Umwalimu Savings and Credit Cooperative (SACCO), a facility for them to save and access loans to boost their small incomes.


Teachers in Nyamasheke district, Western Province of Rwanda will no longer make long distances to Rusizi seeking SACCO services because the cooperative has opened up in their district.

DushimimanaFrédéric, a teacher atNgoma primary school says that the establishment of the cooperative near them will reduce costs in time and money they have been spendingseeking for SACCO services.

“In the first place, it is going to reduce on the costly journey we have been making to Rusizi”.

Nkurunziza Jean Michel is a teacher at Bigeyo primary school.

He believesthis will reduce time wastage as they have been waiting for long due to long queues. From today, a person willchoose a day when to go for certain services”.

Habakurama Michel, the representative of Umwarimu SACCO-Nyamasheke branch said that, bringing SACCO services closer to its members is one of the main priorities of the cooperative.



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