Bugesera: Bank of Kigali offering loans to Women

Bugesera Bank of Kigali

Bank of Kigali-Ruhuha branch in Bugesera District has done much to support the social and economic development of women by giving them loans.

Executive Secretary of Eastern province Makombe Jean Marie Vianney praises bank of Kigali for offering loans to women in Ruhuha, Kamabuye, Ngeruka and Mareba sectors.

“You must convince the residents on the advantages of using banks and financial institutions, so that they come to you after realizing the importance of loans” says Makombe.

Managing Director BK Ruhuha branch Twizeye Pascal says this branch started in August 2012.

“We are five months old and have 1080 customers .We have given out over 100 million Rwandan francs in form of loans and more people are still coming” notes Pascal

He continues to say that women are being sensitized to form groups or teams so that the bank gives them loans.

After they form a group, they come to us and before giving them money we go to their cells and sectors of residence and ask if they know them before” adds the M.D

Five women groups have received loans from Bank of Kigali-Ruhuha Branch since the project began.

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