Gatsiba: Isonga Sacco Kabarore to increase members in 2012

Gatsiba1 Isonga Sacco

Loan manager-Isonga Sacco Kabarore


Gatsiba2 Isonga Sacco


Isonga Sacco, a credit and savings scheme in Kabarore, Gatsibo district started operating in 2009 with 1,040 members. By 2011, the number had increased to 2,758 with a capital of over 7.5 million Rwandan francs.


In 2012, the savings and credit cooperative has vowed to improve on service delivery and encourage residents to practice the culture of savings.


Tatien Kanamugire, a credit officer at Isonga Sacco in Kabarore revealed that over 11 million Rwandan francs has been given out as loans to members.


Kabarore sector has developed socially and economically because of working with Bank of Kigali branch and Banque populaire but it does not stop residents from joining Umurenge Sacco.


Kanamugire added saying that residents who apply for loans to invest in small businesses that enable them pay back easily and since they started, no one has failed to refund the money.


In total, there are over 34,000 members in 14 Sacco branches across the district with over 160 Rfws million loans given to members so far.

Local residents were called upon to feel free and approach savings and credit schemes for loans. They only consider a person’s integrity, collateral and clearance from local leaders.


“Work and develop” is the motto of Isonga Sacco Kabarore but they still face challenges like having no permanent offices, inadequate equipment such as computers among others.



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