GISAGARA: Residents hail Umurenge SACCO


Residents of Gisagara district have began recognising the importance of embracing the local banks comonly known as Umurenge SACCO saying that they are helping them to develop.

When SACCO was first introduced in Kibirizi Sector last year, people had shunned it and it had few members as a result. But after being sensitised the advantages of joining the bank,  people of Kibirizi have joined the SACCO in big numbers.

Solange Mukamazimpaka says that she has now been able to get a loan from the banl and hopes for bigger things from it.

« I believe that my life is going to change for the better with this loan because it is the first time that i have been able to get money that can help be to something tangible, » says Mukamazimpaka without divulging into her investiment details.

Many others interviewed say that they have leant how to save because of the presence of SACCO and to stop wasting money in drinking sprees and other unnecessary expenditures.

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