Gisagara:residents urged to embrace bank services

Section Amabanki

As part of its efforts to bring social and economic development to the residents through credit and loans, Banque populaire Gisagara branch asks the residents to go to it and get explanations and services that are available.

Banque populaire Gisagara branch deals with peasants, business people, civil servants and public institutions like schools among others. Some of the services provided are; saving account, to deposit and withdraw money, giving salary, loans and money transfer.

Although a big number of residents in Gisagara use this bank, other residents still have negative attitude towards using bank populaire in order to develop socially and economically.

Karambizi, a resident of Gishubi says there is no reason for him to go to the bank because he does not see himself among the people to use it especially the rich who have nowhere to keep their money but in the banks.

“Who am I to keep money in the bank? I haven’t earned money that I can keep in the bank” adds Karambizi.

Mfashingabo Francois, Gisagara branch Bank manager says that because many residents are seeking bank services, local leadership should keep on sensitizing residents on the advantages of using the bank and that it would be good if every resident belonged to a certain credit and saving in financial institutions.

Mfashingabo asked Gisagara residents not to fear but instead use Bank populaire and understand what it intends to bring and do in the interest of the residents.




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