Ngoma: Residents urged to work with Banks


Ngoma district Vice Mayor in Charge of Finance and Economic Planning George Mupenzi has called upon residents of this district to embrace the culture of working with banks if they don’t want to be left behind in development.

Mupenzi said this during a meeting that brought together leaders of all the twelve sectors that make up Ngoma district, Eastern Province of Rwanda on January 19.

The meeting convened to assess the rate at which the people in the district are working with banks. It was found out that the rate is at 38%, the number which Mupenzi says is still very low.

“Development of this district will not be possible if people don’t change their mindset towards banks. They need to save their and also get loans to develop themselves and the district,” he said.

He urged the people to desist from the bad conduct of keeping money in their homes because that encourages unnecessary spending.

On the side of the people of Ngoma, some don’t go to banks because they have nothing to save while others dear to take loans saying that they may make losses and their property be taken by the banks.

Others have a mentality that money from the bank never benefits any one. Most of the SACCOs in Ngoma have been authorized to give loans.


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