Ngororero : Sensitisation necessary for Banque populaire share holders

After Account holders turning into share holders, Banque Populaire du Rwanda-Gatumba branch members do not understand anything about share holding and it’s advantages. Bank Populaire-Gatumba branch has 5000 members and over 50,000 shares with each share amounting to 500 Rwandan francs.

Ngororero Sensitisation

During the event to register so that Bank populaire-Gatumba branch is certified by Rwanda Development Board (RDB), members of Banque populaire-Gatumba branch said they know nothing about the shares they are told to hold and think its time wasting because Bank owners and employees are the ones to benefit as share holders do not know how interest is earned.

This was revealed when bank Populaire members were asked to quickly fill the forms that allow them become share holders in this bank.

UGIRINSHUTI Jean D’amour, share holders representative confirms that some members dont know that they hold shares in this bank but measures are being put in place to explain more to the members about their shares

After registering as share holders, a way on how to give share interest to the share holders will be paved. Being ashare holder requires you to have paid membership fee before 2007 as bank account opening is free now adays.

Banque populaire-Gatumba branch administration says it will sensitise its members on shares and how it works.


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