Ruhango: Fina Bank Awards highest saving SACCOs

Fina Bank

Fina Bank on January 20 awarded three Umurenge SACCO banks in Ruhango district, Southern Province of Rwanda for remitting high savings than others.

According to Fina bank Management, the three SACCOs have have so far remitted over 50 million Rwandan francs each.

Mwendo Sector SACCO branch has alone been able to remit over 100 francs million. It was awarded with two computers.

In his remarks, Epimaque Twagirimana, Ruhango district Vice mayor in charge of Finance and Economic Planning thanked Fina Bank for the good gesture which will help to encourage the spirit of saving among the local people.

“This award is for the people who managed to save their money. We hope that this will encourage more saving which eventually helps the district to develop.

Germaine Mukamusana, the Fina bank credit department manager said that the saving does not profit Fina alone, but also the people through increased profits that their SACCOs enjoy.

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