Super Woman- Mukarubega Zulfat

Of course not everyone can just become the woman entrepreneur of the year at the same time have her business become the Best SME in Tourism Sector, but the lady pictured above managed to win the 2 awards issued out during RDB Business Excellence Awards at Serena Hotel Kigali on 27th January 2012.

Narrating Mukarubega’s success story from how she began her career to what she has attained now might seem like a miracle. Her story is so inspirational full of struggle, commitment, risk and patience, below are the excerpts as of her interview with the business times;

In the 70s, I studied nursing for three years in Butare Hospital, where I attained a certificate. Thereafter, I decided to get a job to further my education. Instead of practicing nursing, I secured a job at a white man’s garage in Kigali as a secretary”.

“There, I realized that I could make money by opening a cheap restaurant for the mechanics. I had only Rfr 5,000, which I used to buy sugar, bread and a few foodstuffs for the first day at work. I also collected unwanted furniture from friends, which I used as tables and chairs in my restaurant.”

“In the morning I would go to school and in the evening, tend to my shop, on a daily basis. The situation then was very hard for women. It was an abomination for women to go to school but I was helped by several people who saw the desire I had for studying”.

“Things are easier now, whereby, President Paul Kagame has put women at the helm of development and given us a chance to participate in the development struggle of this nation”.

“In 2002, I visited several tourism colleges in Kenya and South Africa in search for experts. I shared my vision of creating a tourism school in Rwanda. They helped me, passed me through orientation programmes and proposed for me a curriculum,”

“My message to fellow Rwandan women is; ‘never give up!’ We have a very good opportunity now to realise our full potential. The President has opened a window for us which no other regime ever provided. Let us take this opportunity and improve our families and our country,” Mukarubega narrated.

Hoping that more Rwandan women will continue to follow similar path,’s conclusion as of the above biography is non-other than Mukarubega’s last paragraph above.


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