Rwanda | Bank of Kigali clients Goes for ATM

About 60% of consumers at the Bank of Kigali (B.K) have been provided with more Automated Teller Machines  (ATM) points In a way of discouraging queues of   people waiting to be served at the bank counter, especially for money withdrawal, whereas a new point has been introduced  at Gakenke Branch this February 2012.

Bank of Kigali clients

Placide Akimana the in charge of ATM for the Bank of Kigali (BK) said “60% of their customers use ATM card users especially those who get a monthly salary through their bank because they don’t have time to go queue of people waiting to be served and they understand very well either English or French, the languages used in these machines.”

Clementine Umutoni is a customer of BK and she uses ATM to get access to her money; she said that ATM reduces the time a person spends on the counter and she does not worry about getting money when the bank is not working since she can access her money 24hrs a day.

She went on to say “with ATM, one avoids problems that could occur when moving along with money like losing it or being attacked by thugs”. She  explained the problem that makes their customers get worried like when the machine reports to have withdrawn  their money while the money has not got out  due to lack of connection which is very rare. This is done so as not to release a lot of money or what is not necessary but the machine shows a person did not take it so one can claim it back anytime.

ATM is an abbreviation for Automated Teller Machine, a computerized machine that permits bank clients to access to their accounts with a magnetically encoded plastic card and a cord number.

It enables the customers to perform several banking operations without the help of a teller, such as to withdraw cash, make deposit though in some countries depositing on ATM is not yet possible, pay bills, obtain bank statement, effect cash transfers. It is also called automated Banking Machine, or remote service unit.



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