Rwanda | Nyabihu: Fina Bank, KBC to work with Umurenge SACCO

Nyabihu Fina Bank

Kanyamisoro Claude

Following financial agreement between FINA BANK Ltd and Kenya Commercial Bank (KCB) on involving some cooperation into business partinarship, Nyabihu district authorities have been pursued to discuss convince Umurenge SACCO to join the business.

The SACCO is to consider services given to people and the profits of working with these banks, a plan that is being discussed for quick practice. Described Claude Kanyamisoro, who is the in charge of cooperatives in the district; when interviewed on the 9th.Feb.2012.

The act of selecting the bank to work with will depend on the services that they provide and how they treat their customers.

between the two banks, the one that stands many chances is the one that SACCO members will appreciate depending on services and policies with which the district will be happy of; and the one that will lead to people’s development.

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