Karongi: Bank Populaire-Karongi branch goes high-tech

Clients of the Bank Populaire in Karongi district will soon access their money through mobile banking whereas various services like depositing, withdrawing, sending and receiving money will be made available.

Karongi Bank Populaire

Bank Populaire-Karongi Branch

This is aimed at improving on the good services offered by the bank since Karongi district is tremendously developing in terms of business, finance and technology.

Karongi district so far boosts of three banks like Fina Bank, Bank of Kigali and Bank Populaire.

Karongi Bank Populaire 2


Fina Bank and Bank of Kigali in Karongi town

Fina Bank and Bank Populaire are the only banks in Karongi district that already have the service of Automated Teller Machines (ATM) whereas Bank of Kigali is also promising to introduce the service soon.

Bank of Kigali has the service of ZIP (Visa Card) where people without an account in Bank of Kigali can with draw or deposit money with the help of another banks card.



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