Mareba Sacco to build office premises

Mareba Sacco to build

Members of Mareba Sacco in Bugesera district are very determined to build offices for the Sacco instead of spending much money on present renting.

Members leveling premise for constructing offices

The members of the cooperative were leveling the ground where Jyambere Mareba Sacco offices will be constructed. The accountant of the Sacco Gratian Munyantore said the house to be constructed will cost Rwf16 million.

According to the accountant of Jyambere Mareba Sacco said the Sacco boosts of 2,846 members and they continue to increase day by day as it is seen in the previous report from officer in charge of cooperatives in Bugesera district Esperance Mukamisha.

The Sacco has so far collected Rwf1, 026, 2500 towards the end of last year whereby before this time they had savings amounting to Rwf98, 047, 10 and the savings of Rwf41, 324,728 which have also improved compared to last year.

People have started realizing the benefits of saving with Sacco compared to how the figures have been rising.

People find it not easy to get money to save as children are now going back to schools and the previous harvesting seasons were not all that good.

The executive secretary of Mareba sector Magellan Sebatware said people are not doing all that bad in terms of finances. “People of Mareba grow rice in the swamp of Rwabikwano and when they have harvested they get a lot of money. People rear animals like goats, hens and plant pineapples and maize all of which are a source of income a person can save”, Sebatware revealed.

The vice mayor in charge of finance and development Julius Rukundo promised that the district will contribute Rwf2 million plus other contributions that will come from residents of Bugesera up on the completion of Mareba Sacco offices.

Almost all Sacco in Bugesera district are also striving to put up their own office premises that are good enough to secure their finances so that they can save the money spent on renting.


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