Nyamasheke: KCB extends to the grassroots

Nyamasheke KCB extends

Standing is the Public Relations Officer for KBC Fabrice Karegeya

Kenya Commercial Bank (KCB) is preparing to partner with local enterprises as a way of bringing financial services close to their clients, KCB public relations officer Fabrice Karegeya has revealed.

In a meeting, Access to Finance Forum that took place in Nyamasheke district Karegeya explained how KCB’s partnership with small and medium enterprises will work and Sacco representatives who had attended the meeting agreed to join into the partnership.

Karegeya explained that any person with an account in KCB will be able to deposit or withdraw any amount of money to the nearest Sacco. The Bank will use technology with the help of a mobile phone to transact the whole process of depositing or withdrawing at the Sacco account or depositing at the persons account.

The program will also benefit small medium enterprises which works with KCB because the amount paid by a customer for any service offered will be equally shared by the bank and the enterprise.   All their customers will be able to use mobile phones to access their bank accounts “mobile banking”.

The program will first provide the services of depositing and withdrawing but other services will be coming in as time goes by.

Karegeya said the program will enable their Clients easy access to their services since the bank cannot manage to put up branches that cover all the sectors in the country.





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