Rwanda : Access to Finance Forum to make a follow upon bank credits

The forum for financial business people in Nyamasheke district are calling for Access to Finance Forum which is meant to understand financial matters, according to the meeting of  29thFeb2012.

While opening this meeting, Nyamasheke district vice mayor for finance and development Charles Bahizi said that though people didn’t pay their loans which led to loss in the banks, there was lack of follow-up on all sides of the involved party.

Charles told those who are involved in Access to Finance Forum that they have to give good services to their customers and to make a close follow up on those with their credits so as to make it possible for their clients to pay back the credits.

He told them that making a follow up and advising their clients so as not to get into a loss should be of interest to all parties since the clients will be able to pay back when they have reached their target.

In this meeting, they were to reach to the decisions on how to improve the way of working of this forum. They were supposed to elect for a new committee to demand for payments from people who didn’t pay their credits and to find a way to make a list on when these people should be paying.


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