Rwanda : Bank governor calls Rwandans for Banking

Rwandans are said to be sluggish in response to banking culture which became negative to the financial status of the country, the National Bank Governor Claver Gatete has disclosed.

Claver in his speech at Mutara Polytechnic on the financial and economic state of the country revealed that many Rwandans still do not go for bank services being servings, business or normal consultations.

They keep their money at their home which leads to a lot of money being randomly kept without being used for beneficial purposes to individuals or nation yet this attracts burglary and affects the country’s economic status.

Rwanda Governor Claver Gatete in a conference

Governor Claver Gatete in a conference

The conference was attended by students of Mutara Polytechnic and its administrators, financial officers in all the districts of the Eastern province of Rwanda, different bank representatives and many others. National Bank of Rwanda governor Gatete Claver requested them to encourage all people to use banks in keeping their money instead of keeping money in their homes.

Gatete Claver explained that money deposited and kept in the banks enable borrowers access the required amount of money to invest in their various projects which lead to the growing of the national economy.

Rwanda Eastern province governor addressing the audience

Eastern province governor addressing the audience

He revealed that the amount of money not kept in banks and is with people is about Rfr114 billion. This affects the country’s economy as the money is kept for a long time without being properly used.

He further said, some people still keep money in hones and under their mattresses, although it seems that the figures of Rwandans with bank accounts are currently rising. About two million Rwandans now have bank accounts.

National Bank of Rwanda would wish all Rwandans to have bank accounts and be able to use technological cards like ATM Visa cards, Zip cards and many others so they can always access bank services any time in any place.

Governor Gatete Claver concluded by informing the audience that no one should be scared of using bank services since technological advancement is simplifying things the more whereby nowadays even mobile phones are now being used to access bank services.



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