Rwanda : Financial institutions should serve well their customers.

The management of Gatsibo district say that some of the financial institutions in this district do not show interest in keeping their customers and those who are likely to be customers in the future.

Financial institutions should serve

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This was raised during the meeting held in Rwamagana on the 22ndFeb2012 that was meant to look for a way on how local people can reach the investment services in eastern province. This meeting was chaired by Hon. Francois Kanimba, the minister for trade and industry and was attended by leaders at local levels, and representatives from all financial institutions that operate in this district.

Isaiah Habarurema, the vice mayor for finance and development said that some institutions don’t have a plan of keeping their customers let alone attracting the new ones.

He gave an example; “there is a times when a person takes a project to the bank and they just tell him/her that the project is not complete and they don’t even show what is lacking and yet when this person would become their reliable customer who would develop it and help many other people.”

In Gatsibo district, there are many financial institutions that operate there and among these are Banque Populaire du Rwanda, Urwego Opportunity Bank, Duterimbere, Vision Finance, Savings and Credit Cooperatives (SACCOs) and others.

He called upon these institutions to work hard and to help those who seek out their services and to have good customer care because this will bring them more customers.



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