Rwanda : Financial institutions to improve security

Rwanda Odette Uwamariya

Odette Uwamariya, Eastern Province Governor

Authorities in the eastern province are to give banks and other financial institutions operating in the province a deadline to have come up with resolutions on security matters.

Officials of financial institutions are required to offer their employees with equipment like computers as a way of securing peoples finances in those institutions.

The resolution to review security in financial institutes was reached in a meeting that joined the minister of trade and industry Francois Kanimba, leaders of the lower level, National bank of Rwanda, security operatives and other financial institutions operating in the province.

The meeting was aimed at ensuring that people of the eastern province receive better financial services and that their money in banks is kept under tight security.

The governor of the eastern province Odette Uwamariya said she is giving a deadline to all financial institutions in the province to have got all the necessary security equipments and the required security personnel to ensure people’s money is safe and secure.



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