Rwanda | Musanze: Equity Bank to cater for people special needs

Equity bank Musanze branch in its main purpose “will consider special needs of Musanze people”, according to Alphonse Ngirabakunzi, the branch manager.

In the interview with Kigalitoday, the manager says they take into consideration that Musanze has 2 special features: that the majority of its population is much more involved in agriculture activities and very importantly Musanze is a hub for tourism activities.

In order to help tourists, “Equity bank is planning to install Point of Seller (POS) machines in all hotels in Musanze so that tourists are able to either pay their accommodation or other needs they may have”.

This system gives easy access to tourist to their bank account back home and it doesn’t need to have account in Equity bank to be able to access someone’s account. Outside the hotels, we are going to put our agent in each small center in all corner so that tourists have permanent access to their money.

Mr Ngirabakunzi also says it’s only with their account that tourist will be able to use three types of ATM: “our system will allow them to use visa international, master card and Chinese ATM”.

Equity bank is also giving International Visa card that also eases the burden to travel with cash. For tourists, they may use them either to get cash the usual manner but also can swap them to directly pay any service and they will be able also to get money either in their initial currency or in Rwandan Francs.

“Our visa card will help as well transnational trading. We know business is growing in East Africa and our client traveling in Uganda, Tanzania, Kenya and elsewhere will be easily using their visa card”. But also he made it clear that every client will have that Visa.

“For people in agriculture sector, we give them loans according to the nature of what they doing. For example for farmers, we don’t ask them to pay back monthly as we do for others but we ask they pay after the harvest.

We help people access fund to buy fertilizers, we give loan to people in agribusiness either those involved in agriculture products trading or those who are in the agricultural processing industry” said the Manager  to ease them so they can access.

“This mean that we are ready to help people involved in any agriculture related activities from seeds planting to the last products that consumers buy” stated the branch Manager.

Equity bank promised to support agriculture activities and pledged to contribute to its growth annually at 5percentin order to modernize it and to help in shifting to a commercial oriented business.

the bank is among 11 commercial banks that are licensed to operate in Rwanda. It started operating in Rwanda in October last year but was officially launched last month feb2012.

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