Rwanda | Ngororero: UNGUKA Bank to support education

Unguka bank in Ngororero

Unguka bank in Ngororero

UNGUKA bank is the second bank in Ngororero district after bank Populaire. Unguka bank is carrying out a campaign in schools in a way of cooperating with the parents and teachers so that they can develop the education sector.

The bank wants to develop the education sector through their new business package named “Ligne de credit” which they are distributing to different parts of Ngororero district whereby parents and teachers will borrow money during hard financial times.

Schools will also be able to borrow money from Unguka bank without offering any collateral security. The amount of money that can be borrowed will depend on how one uses his or her account.

The bank of manager of Unguka Faustin Byakunda said they introduced the new business package to assist the education sector develop and enable people save their money for future plans.

The marketing manager of Unguka bank Alfred Nkundimana Segenza said parents who need urgent money to send their children to schools can always reach them because they can borrow them the money so that the children don’t miss school and pay latter depending on the agreed terms and conditions.

The school authorities were proud of the new initiative of Unguka bank only that they were worried of it being a new product on the market and have to take caution before venturing in to it.

Unguka bank has done very many great things in Ngororero district despite having been there for a short while. The bank already has 1157 members; it has given out loans worth Rwf 500million to be ventured in business, agriculture, animal farming and has given out 50 motorcycles to be used as taxi motors.


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