Rwanda | Nyamasheke: Cyato Sacco launches new offices



The cooperative named ‘Cyato’ on the 28th/03/2012 officially started operating in their new built house that cost them Rwf 18 million. 

The president of Cyato cooperative Jean Pierre Nshimiyimana said Sacco did not borrow any money to fund the construction because the cooperative members contributed over Rwf 3 million and the other Rwf 15 million was from the cooperative project savings.

“This house has been complete without acquiring any loan other than the piece of land we were given by the district.

It was funded by the cooperative members themselves and the cooperative savings from its various projects”, Jean Pierre Nshimiyimana said.

He thanked the district authorities and the Rwanda cooperative agency (RCA) for their great support in the construction of Cyato Sacco office premises.

The representative from Rwanda cooperative agency Aimable Uburiza who is in charge of inspecting Sacco’s nationwide expressed gratitude for Cyato Sacco members for their role in constructing their own offices premises without acquiring any loan.

Aimable Uburiza urged people especially the youth and women to take advantage of borrowing money from the Sacco to venture in to profitable projects and endeavor to pay back on the agreed time.

The mayor of Nyamasheke district Jean Baptist Habyarimana said other cooperative authorities should learn a lesson from Cyato Sacco and urged the members to properly utilize the available resources in the Sacco.

Rwanda cooperatives agency donated a computer and pledged Rwf 500,000 into Cyato Sacco account.

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