Rwanda : Rulindo – Debtors to pay back to financial institutions by force

The National bank of Rwanda in partnership with Rulindo district authorities will ensure banks, cooperatives and other financial institutions to force deptors to clear their unpaid bills.

Rulindo – Debtors to pay

Over 300 people have debts from various banks and other financial institutions in the district some of which are still operating and others which have closed. The amount of money in debts is worth Rwf70 million all of which must be collected back because it belongs to the Rwandans nationals.

The representative from the national bank of Rwanda Jean Niyonsenga Baptise said the aim of forcing these people to pay back is to ensure the habit of robbing from financial institutions is stopped and to promote the culture of borrowing from financial institutions.

“Among the strategies taken in collecting the money back is to invite those debtors in to meetings and make them promise to keep paying back in instalments so that whoever fails can be handled by the courts of laws”, Niyonsenga revealed.

The district authorities confirm that following up those debtors to pay back will be easy since they have a list of all their names and informational back ground concernin

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