Rwanda | Rusizi: Women urged to go for loans in financial institutions

The national association of women in Rusizi district reveals that women in the district still face a lot of challenges but they should ensure working with banks if they are to achieve development.

Rwanda Women urged to go for loans

The head of women association in Rusizi district Marie Mukandera Jeanne said that many women in the district have small medium businesses which need to be developed and they will develop if these women make use of bank loans to expand their businesses.

“Many women in Rusizi district are still scared of accessing bank loans yet nowadays people have to use bank loans to expand their businesses. Women should not be afraid of accessing bank loans if they are to develop their businesses”, Mukandera remarked.

She continued to explain that the reason why many women fear accessing loans from financial institutions is because of their little knowledge about how one is supposed to pay back the borrowed money.

Mukandera said that some women have a poor mindset of fearing to incur losses in their businesses which might cause the financial institution from where they borrowed the money selling off their put collateral security as a way of getting back the borrowed money.

In a move to encourage women to take advantage of bank loans, the association of women in Rusizi district during the month meant for women that started this March2012 dedicates a full week to educate and motivate women to assess financial institutions for loans to develop themselves and their families.



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