Rwanda | AVEGA to work with SACCO to sponsor genocide widows

The Association for the Genocide widows (AVEGA) has accorded with a sector’s SACCO in eastern Province of Rwanda on how to make it easier for Widows of 1994 genocide against Tutsi to get loans.

In a meeting that brought together AVEGA members and the administrators of SACCO’s in all sectors in Rwamagana district on the 31st.March.2012, AVEGA accepted to help its members make productive projects to be funded by SACCO and give them collateral security to be able to get credit from SACCOs.

The agreement will make AVEGA members become SACCO members in the sectors that they live by saving in them and getting different services offered by these SACCOs.

A member who will need a credit, AVEGA will first know the capability of the member to pay back the credit and then support her by giving her the collateral security needed to get the credit.

SACCO administrators said that this arrangement will make it easy to work with members who are willing to face development who will be saving and bringing in productive and revised projects to get credits while using well the money of the institution.

Jean de Dieu Seminega in charge of developmental projects in AVEGA said that they decided to have the agreement with SACCO after finding out productive projects that some members did using AVEGA’S little money for credit.

Many of the AVEGA members were afraid to get credits and loans from financial institutions and that is why AVEGA intervened and looked for an easier way for its members to get such credits and become their collateral security which many of its members couldn’t get.

This understanding will make the widows of Genocide widows get capital in their projects whether personal or in their groups.



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