Rwanda | Nyamasheke: Cyato SACCO helpful to residents

Residents of Cyato sector in Nyamasheke district say that the sector SACCO has helped them for being able to save their money without making a long distance.

Cyato sector SACCO

Cyato sector SACCO

Patrice Nkinzingabo the executive secretary of Cyato sector explained this during the function to enter the house where SACCO will be operating that SACCO built for itself on the 28th.March.2012.

Before 2009, residents used to make long journeys going for bank services in other sectors since in this sector there was no bank or any other financial institutions that was available.

He explained that this made people to save their money in old pots and horns which caused theft in the sector. Ever since SACCO started operating in this sector it solved all these problems. He thanked the government for initiating this policy to bring financial services near the people.   

Frederic Nzabandora a resident in Cyato sector said that this sector was very poor but now because of many projects that give jobs to people and Cyato SACCO people are now developing.

People no longer keep money in their houses and even old people take their money to the bank and theft reduced and there are no insecurities.

Aimable Uburiza the worker in Rwanda Cooperative Agency who is in charge of promoting sectors’ SACCO on the country level asked all residents to open accounts in the sector SACCO, to give out some shares, save their money and get some credit as because it is not easy to develop without using credits.

Jean Baptiste Habyarimana the mayor of Nyamasheke district asked residents to make use of this SACCO.


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