Rwanda | Nyanza: Banks to support “Hanga umurimo” projects

Rwanda| Thomas Nkotanyi, General Director for SORWAFA southern province

Thomas Nkotanyi, General Director for SORWAFA southern province

Banks in southern province have highlighted that they are ready to work and support “Hanga Umurimo” (create a job) projects.


This was resolved during the meeting on April 9th 2012 that gathered entrepreneurs from all districts of southern province at Heritage Hotel in Nyanza.


“Equity Bank agreed to work with 160 entrepreneurs with projects that were confirmed in “hanga umurimo” program at southern province level,” reveals Thomas Nkotanyi General Director of SORWAFA Company that won the tender for the supervision of entrepreneurs.

SORWAFA Company is responsible for following up on Hanga Umurimo in southern province.


Thomas Nkotanyi discloses that all banks and even the new banks like Equity have agreed to give out loans to help the entrepreneurs in the development.


Daniel Twihangane, an entrepreneur that had attended confirmed that “Hanga Umurimo” program will help him expand the business and fight poverty through acquiring loans from banks and small financial institutions like Sacco Umurenge.


Program “Hanga Umurimo,” is one of the government’s decision taken to solve unemployment problem especially youth and to help small income generating projects to expand, explains Nkotanyi.




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