Rwanda | Rulindo: Residents to adopt saving culture

Residents to

Rulindo district has come up with strategies that will help residents learn to use financial institutions as a way to promote saving culture.

Because some residents do not earn income daily and others earn very little money, many residents in different sectors of Rulindo district do not work with financial institutions, which delays development.

Prosper Mulindwa; Vice mayor for economic development in Rulindo district asserts that residents’ culture of contributing money every week will be applied.

He points out that this culture has been there for long and more effort is going to be put in so that residents in all sectors do it willingly.

“We used this method in February and it yielded close to Rwf2 million. We now think of it as if it was some other bank that has come up in this place,” Mulindwa explains

“Everybody will explain the benefits of being in associations to a friend and make him or her join,” Mulindwa advises

It is hoped that this saving program will improve on the economy since some money has been wasted due to little knowledge of using saving and credit associations.

To test the efficiency, credit and saving program will start in one sector in May and the program will kick off in July next year at district level.

Care International will be behind the program.




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