Rwanda : Banks alerted over fake land titles

Rwanda | FakeEng. Didier Giscard Sagashya, the Deputy Director General in charge of land and mapping at the Rwanda Natural Resources Authority (RNRA) has signaled an alert to all financial institutions to be aware of prevalent forged land titles so as to take appropriate measures while offering loans to their clients.

Rwanda has established the Land commission which has been responsible for the registration of land throughout the country and offer land titles to the rightful owners. The land titles have been used as a bank security to acquire loans.

Sagashya, says that at least four people have been discovered only in Kigali trying to use forged land ownership certificates to secure loans in banks and these kind of illegal activities can possibly be heading towards to countryside.

He said that it is the primary responsibility of banks to verify that the genuineness of land documents before a loan is process; and in case of doubts the bankers should seek help from the land commission for further verification.

Apparently, some of the bankers also testified that such cases have been witnessed especially in Kigali. Chief Operations Officer of Bank of Kigali, Lawson Naibo, said that two cases of the kind we recorded earlier on, but since the introduction of land registration, there have not been any of fraudulent cases.

However, Sagashya, noted that in order to curb such illegal actions, the government agency is considering ways of connecting banks and financial institutions to the Land Administration Information System (LAIS), so that they can easy access the right information.
LAIS a web-based tool used in the process of land registration and certificates issuance. It was introduced to create a more efficient, cost effective, quick and transparent land registration processes.
In 2004, the government formulated a national land policy that will help guarantee a safe and stable form of land tenure.

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