Rwanda | Kamonyi: Cooperative Members acknowledge huge profits

Members and workers of Savings and Credit Cooperative (SACCO) agree that in the past, many people did not understand the importance of being in sector SACCO but now they know that giving credits is one of the profits.

Innocent Habimana who is in charge for investment and cooperatives in Kamonyi district said that all sectors SACCO in the country are capable of building their own spacious offices and which would attract more of their customers.

The membership fee of a SACCO member in the beginning was Rwf3000 but now this has increased as SACCO’s actions expanded yet some members had been waiting for a profit from the membership fee they paid to be members.

Habimana said that the profit got from membership should not be the first profit but the profit a member got from the credit one gets.  “A member should appreciate the fact that he/she can get a credit easily and use it well to get out of poverty and then wait for the yearly dividends if they are having certain shares.” He said to

Habimana also said that a person can save all the money they have in sector SACCO and saving is a good habit that can promote a person. Members are being called upon not to be afraid and to ask for credits and promote themselves.

It has been one year since the sectors’ SACCOs in the whole country opened doors to give credits to all people.


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