Rwanda | Ngororero: Bank of Kigali opens new branch in Ngororero town

Rwanda | Ngororero Bank of KigaliNgororero town residents have welcomed the newly launched Branch of Bank of Kigali (BK) that will enable various quick services, on the 18th.June.2012; the Bank is ready to help people in their investment projects both with loans and savings.

Usually in Ngororero town there were two branches of banks and that is Banque Populaire and Unguka Bank and members of these financial institutions say that they don’t give quick services like other banks and don’t have internet services or the usage of ATM services.

In only 3 days that this bank has been working in this town, it has already served 130 people that have opened accounts in it and some of its customers we talked with said that they hope this bank brings many changes and makes it easy for its clients to get credits and working for many hours in a day.

In the last meeting that brought together the administration of Unguka Bank and head teachers of all schools in this district, it was found out that many schools and people doing business in this district keep money in banks in other districts like Muhanga and Rubavu. For many banks to be opening branches in Ngororero district means that it will make it possible for Ngororero people’s money to be invested in their district and used to develop its residents.This BK branch is the 2 storied building in Ngororero town of Epimaque Nsanzurwanda.



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