Rwanda : Rwanda SACCOs urged to provide good services

Gilbert Habyarimana The deputy director of Rwanda Cooperative Agency and in charge of Savings and Credit Cooperatives (SACCO) has said that SACCOs should go on improving their services by solving their members’ problems.

Rwanda | Rwanda SACCOs urgedGilbert Habyarimana said this during the function to the official opening of Butaro sector SACCO Ndorwa on the 6th.June.2012. He also said that the fact that residents brought up this financial cooperative, it has to develop them too.

“These SACCOs should solve their members’ problems, of the residents who brought it up. These services should be given well and they should get them as they are supposed to and if not, you members should demand explanations from workers.” He said.

Members also should play a big part in the management of this cooperative and ensure that good services are always given and to ask SACCO leaders in case of some unfulfilled actions.

He told Bitaro sector SACCO members that they shouldn’t give in for poor services with the development they have attained and that they should get involved in its management. SACCO management and its workers are supposed to guide members in attaining services and guide them on how to work with financial institutions. If these are not done, SACCO will no longer be a solution to people’s problems and it cannot develop as Habyarimana explained.

He went on to say that good governance should be applied in SACCO Ndorwa and every member should play a part in this good governance and the cooperatives management. Though accountants are available, it wouldn’t be enough without the participation of its members.




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