Rwanda : Women and youth should be encouraged to own bank accounts

The deputy chairperson of Rwanda Cooperative Agency and in charge of SACCOs has asked the management and workers of SACCO to come closer to women and youth and explain to them about savings.

Rwanda | Women and youth shouldOn the 6th.June.2012 during the official opening of Butaro sector SACCO Ndorwa in Burera district, Gilbert Habyarimana talked about 2 types of people which are the youth and the women that need extra attention more than others because they don’t participate in savings as desired.

“We have many youth, get near them explain and teach to them that even if they save only 50 francs it can be important.” He implored.

He went on to say that if possible, the youth should form cooperatives so as to stand up and work. They can go to SACCO and get credits and make productive projects and then achieve development.

Women also should be encouraged to save and men should support their wives to do productive things and it is their rights instead of stopping them from opening account numbers in banks. He said that a woman should work like a man and develop their home.

“A man and a woman both should open up a bank account when they have work that brings money to them and then they should put together what comes out of their work.” He explained.

He also called all people to save in SACCO so as to be able to get credits and make productive projects, develop themselves and Rwanda in general.





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