Rwanda : Bugarama residents claim to gain more from financial Institutes

Following teachings

Following teachings on the importance of saving and acquiring loans from Umurenge Sacco, the understanding has led Bugarama residents to confirm they have tasted benefits of using these financial institutions.

This was revealed by the members of Umurenge Sacco cooperative (known as Uruyange) who we found at the Sacco offices to collect their money.

SACCO members smiling while waiting for the service

SACCO members smiling while waiting for the service

Mrs. Amisi Uwimana says she built a house and bought livestock on Rwf50, 000 Umurenge Sacco gave her. She adds that the debt is already paid and she is ready to ask for another loan of Rwf200, 000.

In addition, Uwimana used the credit she got to purchase factory made manure, which she used in growing maize and got high yields.

Similarly, Piyo Sindayiheba aged 23 years bought a motorcycle he uses for transport through Umurenge Sacco loan.

Although they have a problem, the executive secretary of Bugarama sector Egide Gatera assures Sacco members that soon their administration house will be complete.

Mr. Philippe Kazungu, an accountant for Uruyange Sacco revealed that Sacco now has 2203 and started lending Rwf400, 000 to its members while it can now give Rwf5million as a loan to their members.

Kazungu advises residents to join Umurenge Sacco Uruyange so as to aquire loans and develop socially and economically.

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