Rwanda | Gatsibo: Bank of Kigali (BK) opens branch in Ngarama sector

Residents of Ngarama sector are thankful to Bank of Kigali (BK) for saving them the trouble of going to Kabarore by opening a branch in this sector.


It takes 33 kilometres from Ngarama to Kabarore where residents have been accessing bank services in addition to expensive transport fairs.


Israel Habarurema, District mayor in charge of economic development expresses that apart from residents, Gatsibo district administration is grateful for BK branch in Ngarama which will be useful to Gatsibo, Gitoki, Ngarama, Nyagihanga, Kabarore and sectors of Nyagatare district.


Habarurema adds, working with Bank of Kigali will reduce on the theft and the trouble of carrying money for 33 kilometres to get to Kabarore bank and it will improve the development of trading centre in Gatsibo.


Ngarama centre has a hospital and its big town will get a tarmac road connecting Byumba to Nyagatare. With these, a commercial bank will help residents to get loans and start development projects.


Gatsibo district has two banks; Banque populaire and Bank of Kigali (BK) plus other small financial institutions like Umurenge Sacco and Mwalimu Sacco.


Residents believe that the many banks the more chances for them to get loans, access to technology and starting money generating projects.

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