Rwanda | KARONGI: Bank of Kigali VISA Cards rejected

After only a few days when Bank of Kigali (BK) introduced Automated Teller Machine (ATM) in Karongi town, people who use VISA cards type of ATM cards say the machine does not accept their cards when they need to withdraw money.

KARONGI  Bank of Kigali VISA Cards rejected










As seen in the photo below, when you insert the card and follow the given instructions, instead of getting cash, the machine brings back a message that reads “Your financial Institution is Unavailable” yet it is a BK card used in BK ATM machine.

KARONGI  Bank of Kigali VISA Cards rejected 2










The receptionist at BK bank in Karongi branch, this problem might be caused by slow network because sometimes it accepts these VISA cards and sometimes it rejects them.

Bank of Kigali is now in the process of substituting ATM cards by VISA cards so that the interested clients can use their cards to buy some things in different shops mainly in Kigali city and also abroad using internet.



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