Rwanda : SACCO Workers and Accountants trained on capacity building

Leaders and Accountants and workers of Savings and Credit Cooperatives (SACCO) in the Eastern Province of Rwanda met in a workshop in Rwamagana District to study together and exchange ideas on good management.

SACCO Workers and Accountants trained on capacity buildingThis workshop was attended by the auditing council, a leader that was appointed by SACCO members and the manager of every SACCO in Eastern province of Rwanda.

Jackson Rwikiliza who works in Rwanda Cooperative Agency and who was among the trainers said that the 3 main topics of this workshop are the internal management of SACCO, leadership and how different levels work together to solve problems and development and how to increase the savings of the SACCO members.

He said that auditing a SACCO is not only about money but also about the management of people’s money that is done in different ways. This includes the money itself, book keeping records and management of funds, how workers work, how they treat their members and fulfilling the objectives of the SACCO.

In this training, they will share ideas on how to make SACCO’s more productive and how to avoid what could cause SACCOs losses, how credits can be given, about property management.

Those who attended this training are in SACCOs from Nyagatare, Kayonza, Bugesera and Rwamagana districts. Other SACCOs from other districts will also follow and get this training soon as Rwikiliza said.


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