Rwanda | Gakenke: GASPROCO members to keep SACCO’s security

Following theft in Sacco, it was resolved that reserved forces protect Sacco during the meeting that attracted Sacco Accountants and GASPROCO (reserved forces cooperative) on August 8th 2012.
Gakenke  GASPROCO members to keep SACCO’s security

The cooperative leadership assured Sacco accountants to protect resident’s money but say two reserve forces should work together and with the salary of Rwf25.000 per month.

Cooperative leadership adds they use committed ex-soldiers and local defense that are accountable in case of theft.

On August 3rd 2012, Deogratias Nzamwita Mayor of Gakenke district asked executive secretaries to allow reserved forces to protect SACCO houses in Gakenke district.

In June 2012, SACCO of Rusasa sector lost over Rwf600, 000 to thieves who dug out the house. Also, they stole money from SACCO- Kivuruga but never got away with the money.

In the first week of August 2012, SACCO-Kamubuga sector lost over Rwf24, 000 coins to thieves when the security guard had not reported to duty.

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