Rwanda | Muhango: Teachers’ SACCO to change its operations

Education professionals in the Teachers’ Savings and Credit Cooperative (SACCO) want SACCO to change its ways of operations of the program that supports those in need. This program supports the teacher who lost a relative but accepts only the death of spouse or a child.

Muhango Teachers’

This was discussed in Muhanga district during the celebrations of the International Teachers Day on this Friday 5th.Oct.2012. Teachers want this program to change its ways and even accept the teachers’ parents and other close relatives.

Every teacher is deducted Rwf300 per month to be put in this program and in case of a loss of a family member, a teacher gets Rwf300.000 as soon as possible.


Another limitation to this program that was said is a teacher who gives birth to a dead child or a child dying after birth without being registered in the sector. This program does not take this child as a Rwandan and is not favoured by it.

“A person gets pregnant for 9 months through hard time and we all know that life begins in the womb. When this child dies during delivery or a few days after birth, he/she is buried like an adult and therefore should be favoured by this program and be included since it is just unfair”. One of the teachers lamented.

Juliette Mutambarungu the representative of Muhango teachers SACCO asked teachers to always be trustworthy as it has been found out that some teachers who lie to have lost relatives in order to get that money.

In order to solve such scam, a person who lost a relative to bring death certificate of the dead relative and a certificate showing their relation.



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