Rwanda | Nyamasheke: Access to finance forum’s meeting convened

A meeting of Access to finance forum in Nyamasheke district convened on the 3rd.Oct.2012 to revise the operations of financial institutions in the district and their limitations.

Charles Bahizi the president of this forum and the vice mayor for finance and economic development who presided over the meeting asked the financial institutions to work hard and get people out of poverty and manage well people’s property.

This meeting discussed the problem of unpaid credits people got from financial institutions that were closed and resolutions to encourage people with certain debts to pay them for these finances to be used as they were supposed to in the development of the country.

Financial institutions were asked to always present monthly reports for the forum to follow closely on their operations and their limitations and to look for their solutions. The forum also analyzed the Hanga Umurimo program to see if the selected projects got the credit where some of the projects got the 1st phase of the credit.

Savings and Credit Cooperatives in sectors were reminded to find nice buildings to operate in and to be careful in their construction process while managing well people’s fund.

People who attended this meeting suggested that Access to finance forums be put in sectors and a team to learn about this and seek advice from National Bank of Rwanda was elected.




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