Rwanda : SACCO ABAMUHOZA helps poor members to get loans

SACCO ABAMUHOZA helpsThe financial institution of Muhoza sector called ABAMUHOZA helps its member get loans in an easy way after they have formed groups and then they can get the loans.

As narrated by Jacques Rwesegura Hakizimana, the president of Sacco Abamuhoza,” they give out two types of loans that include the personal loans to people in groups and also have colloratal, and also loans to people who are poor”.

He added on saying that “this loan is given to people who are in groups and who accepted to give colloratal to other member who cannot and therefore can get money and be able to develop”.

Jerome Habimana the financial controller of Sacco Abamuhoza said that “the problem they always face is having people who still have a low thinking who cannot up to now know the purpose of these financial institutions that can give out money”.

This Sacco has about 2000 members and also has about Rwf 11million in their treasury and another one given by members that has not yet gone to the bank of about Rwf 60million



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