Rwanda | Ngoma: Umurenge SACCO in poverty eradication

Members of Umurenge SACCO of Kazo in Ngoma district commend this financial institution for helping them fight nyakatsi (grass thatched houses) and bed nyakatsi (grass on beds).

Members explain that it was easy to fight nyakatsi through forming associations and accessing loans from Umurenge SACCO.

Anastase Habyarimana, a resident of Kazo sector confesses he was in a small house of 15 iron sheets before he started working with SACCO but now, he has built a house of over 40 iron sheets, toilet and a kitchen.

“I started with Rwf200000 loan and continued slowly to Rwf2 million. If you visit my home, you can be surprised at how SACCO has helped me. Apart from a house, I have acquired a forest worth Rwf5 million,” he adds.

Apart from SACCO helping residents through credit, Sacco gives credit to associations in order to fight bed nyakatsi.

Alivera Mukarugwiza from Kinyonzo cell, Rugarama village notes that SACCOs should be rewarded for fulfilling their purpose.

“When I think about how I sensitized women in my area to open accounts with Sacco, I feel happy about how we fought bed and house nyakatsi.”

The president of SACCO in Kazo sector, Aimable Nkurunziza asked the concerned authorities to increase the loans beyond Rwf2 million to the members that pay well.

Umurenge SACCO-Kazo has over 3000 with over Rwf150 million savings.

Up to Rwf50 million was given out to the members as loans and it is being paid back very well.


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