Rwanda | Nyamagabe: Youth told to cling to saving culture as personal basics and value

In the celebrations of the savings day which was celebrated on the 1st.Nov.2012 in Nyamagabe district, the minister of the youth and ICT Jean Philbert Nsengimana asked residents of Nyamagabe district to develop the habit of savings as a way of valuing themselves and attaining development.

Youth told to cling to saving

Minister Nsengimana said that no single person that can fail to save for a person should not save what remains after consumption but should be ready to save and consume what remains after saving.

Minister Nsengimana aid, “saving is one of the strong values of a person, a person should not save what remains after using it but a focused person develops a goal to save even if it means spending a day with no meal.”

Rwandans are supposed to develop a goal to be achieved in a certain period of time and use what is left after saving and this will affect the person decision to use well the money they get in a certain period of time and try to increase the savings for them not to say in one position.

Minister Nsengimana advised people to either try saving on their own or to join groups for savings, which ever works for them but let them develop this habit of which they will never regret doing so.

Jeanne Izabiliza the executive secretary of the Southern Province of Rwanda said that every one of the present people to examine their saving ways and decide a better way for the future.

She asked people who get a monthly salary to avoid the habit of going to the banking saying “give it all to me” and instead think of how to use their money before they get it and devise ways to use it well and even save.



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