Rwanda : Tax payment must be done through bank to prevent embezzlement

To prevent embezzling government funds, residents have been asked to pay for every service at Umurenge Sacco and present pay slips in exchange for the service. 

This was resolved in a meeting that gathered Gisagara district authorities, sector leaders and health officials, workers from Rwanda Revenue Authority in Gisagara, Army chiefs and Police in this area.

Rwanda : Tax payment Though this system is eyed to enable residents work with financial institutions, it’s not easy for all residents to adopt it except for people who are registered and pay taxes.

During the meeting, it was resolved that people who pay little money (like Rwf200) that banks cannot issue pay slips, will continue to pay to the market tax collector.

Though many risks were cited, the participants agreed that the system start working slowly, which might be one way of improving the economy of the country.

“This plan will help residents get used to working with banks, prevent some people from embezzling district money and reducing corruption since all fines will be paid through the bank,” asserts Léandre Karekezi, the mayor of Gisagara district.

RRA representatives in the meeting promised corporation in this program whereby it will provide pay in slips and machines that are used to make them.


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