Rwanda : Umwalimu SACCO in partnership with Sectors’ SACCO

The Savings and Credit Cooperatives SACCO in sectors and the teachers’ Umwalimu SACCO will be working together in a way of reducing the journey made by teachers looking for the services of their bank.

The Teachers’ SACCO is a program meant to elevate the social and economic welfare of teachers by saving for them as Dr Vincent Biruta the minister of education explained.

The teachers cooperatives of which all teachers use for savings and even credits, does not have branches in all districts of the country. This is a hindrance to teaching as most teachers spend a lot of their times traveling in different areas seeking the services of their cooperatives interfering with their work.

On the International Teacher’s day which was celebrated on the 5th.Oct.2012, the minister for education said that the government is planning on supporting teachers access their cooperatives easily and this will be done by Umwalimu SACCO and the sector’s SACCO working together to provide teachers with good and quick services near them.

The minister of education also promised that by 2013, Umwalimu SACCO will be having branches in all district of the country. Teachers are waiting for these programs to unfold anxiously saying they will be able to get financial services near them, get credits and develop themselves.

The government of Rwanda increased the support it gives to Umwalimu SACCO to make it easy for teachers to get credits. This financial support increased from Rwf1.5billion and will be about Rwf5billions.

This was done in order to remove the barrier created in Umwalimu SACCO where a teacher has a limited amount of credit he can never ask above as Theoneste Nshizirungu a teacher at Nyagasambu School in Nyamirama sector in Kayonza district explained.


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