Rwanda | GISAGARA: SACCO to promote residents development

Residents of Gisagara district especially those in Kigembe sector have been asked to join Sector Savings and Credit Cooperative (SACCO) for them to be able to develop themselves and have security of their money.

They were asked this by the mayor of Gisagara district Leandre Karekezi during the celebration to officially open the Kigembe sector SACCO’s new office building which was built on the partnership of its members.

SACCO to promote residents development

Leandre Karekezi Gisagara district mayor


The new building for the Kigembe Sector’s SACCO was built by its members’ money which is worth Rwf15million. This is the first sectors’ SACCO in Gisagara district to own its own building where it operates without renting.

This sector being the first in the district to own its own building of operations is not because its members are richer but because of the cooperation and understanding of the members who are devoted to their development and that of their sector.

Deo Bizumuremyi and Marie Louise Mukeshimana who got loans from this SACCO are ready to be exemplary to people in their projects in a way of making people actively use the 50million francs in the SACCO for the development of Kigembe sectors development.

Mr. Deo Bizumuremyi said that if the loan is used exactly for the project it was got for, a person will develop. “I made a modern banana plantation and now I give out banana plants and I even give jobs to others.”

For this loan to be efficient, a person needs to first study ell the project and to be trustworthy and pay back on time.  Leandre Karekezi asked residents of Gisagara district to use the services of financial institution to their advantage as the way to development.

He reminded them not to keep cash in their homes and use banks for the security of their money as SACCO is one of the cooperatives that develop the district.

The mayor assured the workers of Kigembe sector’s SACCO that the problem of electricity will be solved in the near future as anywhere in the district.  This function was attended by the partners of this cooperative including BCR, Ecobank, Banque Populaire, BNR and representative from Rwanda cooperative agency (RCA).



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