Rwanda : Nyamagabe: Kaduha VUP promotes saving in local people

Saving and investing the money they work for in VUP (Vision Umurenge Program) for a future when this program ceases to operate with them is their goal says residents of Kaduha sector in Nyamagabe district that work for VUP.

Kaduha VUP promotes saving in local people

These residents are hopeful that they will achieve a lot from the Rwf1000 they work for a day in VUP while providing their family needs since most of the people in this group are in the vulnerable and very poor classes of the Ubudehe social stratification. They will have decided to be saving Rwf100 every day on all their payments.

Yudesi Nikuze who works for VUP had this to say “I will use my payments in savings, pay for my family’s medical insurance and even provide for my family.”

Nikuze said that in the Rwf1000 they get daily for their work in this program, they save Rwf100, pay for medical insurance when they are paid and provide for their family needs.

This program was also adopted by Nikuze’s fellow Habimana Bikerinka who says that in everything she plans to do, the priority is saving every time she gets paid till their contract is over.

Callixte Karimunda the president of executive committee of VUP in Kaduha sector says that though this program has been operating in this sector for a small period of time, it is going to provide a lot to people towards development.

People got employed, they use the money to get their necessities and also participate in savings strategy for the local people to have got something tangible from the program when it closes its operations.

Karimunda said that they sensitized local people about savings and they managed to form a cooperative where they save Rwf100 each daily of which they will use to make a project that will develop them.

VUP Program in Kaduha sector started tilling the area of 30 hectares where the banana plantation will be grown; they are also renovating roads which were destroyed but giving out beneficiary funds to the elderly and loans to people with small scale projects have not yet started though people were assured that this will be soon.

About 9 sectors in Nyamagabe district are in VUP Program and the other 8 sector will be given the money that were used in Ubudehe program so that the whole district can have projects to support and employ the local people.




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