Rwanda | Gatsibo: financial institutions to strengthen their security

Members of Savings and Credit Cooperatives (SACCOS) in sectors of Gatsibo district demand that cooperatives be strengthened for reliable security of their money after being aware that their money are not very secure.  

Gatsibo financial institutions to strengthen

On the counters

 This issue was discussed on Thursday the 3rd.Jan.2013 in the mee6ting that was meant to encourage SACCO members in Gatsibo sector to actively work with different financial institutions in 2013.

The district administration with the support of security levels assured local people that the security of SACCOs will be highly maintained.

The vice mayor for economic development Isaie Habarurema said that the insecurity issue in SACCOs is usually common in SACCOs that work extra hours and this problem is going to be solved by determining the same working hours in all cooperatives and none will be allowed to work extra hours.

The administration of these SACCOs say that working extra hours is not usually done but it is done especially towards the end of the month when workers who use the SACCOs need their payments.

The meeting ended with the resolution that all financial institutions and SACCOs’ in Gatsibo district to start using a safe box where the finances of the bank will be kept which will be in the possession of the institution’s manager.

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