Gisagara: Gishubi inaugurates infrastructure projects

Residents of Gishubi sector in Gisagara district were asked to take care of the development projects they have achieved so far that will get them to lasting development based on good governance.

This was said by the governor of the Southern Province of Rwanda Alphonse Munyentwali during the official opening of Gishubi sector’s SACCO building, 12 Year Basic Education classrooms and electricity access.


Gisagara: Gishubi inaugurates infrastructure projects

Gishubi sector’s SACCO building

Gishubi sector’s SACCO building is the pride of people as it is worth more than Rwf19 million contributed by its members. The 6.1 kilometers water pipe inaugurated was worth Rwf87 million, access to electricity and 3 classrooms for 12 YBE of which people contributed Rwf2 million and the Ministry Of Education gave out Rwf4.5 Million. These projects are the pride of Gishubi people who are willing to protect them.

The governor appreciated the role and participation in their projects that will get them to the much desired development and also for maintaining their security and told them to take care of their infrastructure.


Gisagara: Gishubi inaugurates infrastructure projects

People have access to electricity


“This all due to good governance for development for it should be so, if good governance does not take us to development then it not worth it.”

The infrastructure projects were inaugurated in Gisagara district where the country is good governance month which is all about leaders reaching out to people and solving their problems. The governor called upon all local leaders to solve people’s problems be it by law or explanations.

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